Connecting Slack

Connecting WorkingOn to Slack allows you to see real-time WorkingOn updates in Slack, post from Slack via a Slash command, and turn on optional reminders from the settings page. We recommend setting up a WorkingOn specific channel in Slack. Ours is called #the-railroad.

You can connect Slack to WorkingOn by following these steps: 

1. Log in to WorkingOn and go to your Account page 

2. Click on "Add Now" under Slack

3. Click on the "Connect Slack" button

4. Authorize the connecting by clicking the "Authorize" button in Slack

5. You will be redirected back to WorkingOn

6. Enter the name of the channel you would like your WorkingOn updates to go into and click "Save Channel"


7. You're all set!


Now all WorkingOn updates will be posted to Slack. Additionally, you can type "/on" to post to WorkingOn from within Slack. 

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